About Us

Our mission is to create architecture that is site specific and period appropriate, yet livable and geared to the contemporary lifestyles of our clients – architecture that is timeless and not just a fashion of the moment.

All of our work has a classic quality, whether it's a renovation of an early 20th-century cottage, a new mountain house in Sun Valley, a redesigned corporate office, or a roof garden in Manhattan. Some might call this approach "traditional," but we argue that even Modernism is traditional in that it's been around for nearly a century.

While we love to design new houses and commercial spaces and do so often, we are also passionate about historic preservation, restoration and renovation projects. We like to uncover the soul of an old building, exposing its details that have become hidden over time, in order to transform it for the 21st century in the kindest, gentlest way.

We are recognized as experts in the field of historic preservation and have the knowledge and experience to skillfully guide clients through the seemingly daunting process of restoring and renovating buildings in designated historic districts. 

Our clients benefit from our ability to connect them with top specialists in everything from masonry to paint analysis to structural engineering to custom cabinetry. We are rare among architects in that we offer color consulting. And we pride ourselves on using only all-natural materials that will endure over time.

Another offering that sets us apart is our complete range of design services, including architecture, interior design, garden design, and historic preservation. In addition, we routinely design and fabricate specialty items for our clients including leaded-glass windows and other architectural details that require artisan-oriented artwork.

It has been our experience that clients who take advantage of our full-service approach not only save considerable time and money, but also achieve a superior result – an integrated design in which all the components are thought out together from the beginning. We’re more than happy to work with clients over time in stages. And even those who just want a room addition benefit from our breadth of vision, because we'll design it with an eye toward future gardens and interior renovations.